Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


Regal Prosperity is dedicated to building a prosperous future. Prosperity, the state of being prosperous, defined by success and wealth, encompasses more than material. A prosperous future is a safe and ethical future with abundant equal opportunities to succeed and equal access thereto.

Regal Prosperity is directed by me, Roble Regal. I was raised in the marginalized world of Toronto community housing. By focusing on education and surrounding myself with the right mentors, I narrowly overcame the vices of my environment and found tremendous and unlikely success in business.   

We are constantly creating the future. The actions we take today shape the world of tomorrow. Taking positive action is not only necessary, but it is a duty incumbent on every citizen of this planet. As technology connects and empowers us, we have a responsibility to use it positively; though we may not all reap the benefits thereof, we all face the consequences. Poverty is a key factor in violence and crime, the capacity for which are amplified with technology. It is imperative that we do what we can to thwart inequality. Inequality starts with access - access to resources, access to knowledge, access to opportunities. As leaders, we are gatekeepers to access. Let us open the gates.   

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Roble Regal
Executive Director, Mentor

Every mind is precious. 

Every mind is precious.